We're all about winning.

The purpose of CNY Stream is to connect aspiring broadcasters and producers with high school athletic programs across the Central New York area. By facilitating this process, we give our broadcasters and producers opportunities to gain meaningful experience in the field of sports media while the local area benefits from our staff's talent, commitment and passion. At CNY Stream, everyone wins.

Seamless is our middle name.

Our fluid and carefully-crafted broadcast process makes livestreaming any game of any given season not only feasible, but an expectation. The versatile broadcasters on the CNY Stream staff carry a wealth of knowledge about various sports and topics, while our producers are ready and able to manage broadcasts as responsibly and professionally as possible. At CNY Stream, everything comes together.

High quality. Low cost.

We prescribe our affiliate schools a simple but high-quality broadcast setup that can get your high school's athletics on the air for less than two-hundred dollars. From there, let our staff operate the equipment, run the broadcasts and live-Tweet what happens on the field or court. Everything is available online nowadays, so why shouldn't high school athletics be too? At CNY Stream, we make that happen.

Interested in joining the CNY Stream network?