Staff Policies


New Staff Members: Individuals who have applied to join CNY Stream and are yet to shadow a broadcast. Every new member of CNY Stream begins at this level by default.

Fill-In PxP Broadcasters: Broadcasters who have attended a shadow broadcast and a production meeting, but are not yet cleared to be full-time PxP broadcasters. These staff members have the opportunity to sign up for broadcasts after full-time broadcasters have submitted their schedules before each athletic season.

Full-Time PxP Broadcasters: Broadcasters who have been cleared to serve as the dedicated PxP broadcasters for one of our affiliates. These broadcasters are in charge of providing high-quality coverage for their assigned affiliate school and, along with the rest of their broadcast team, must create their own broadcast schedules before every season.

Producers / Analysts: These staff members are solely responsible for production and on-air analysis. To become a producer or analyst, new staff members must attend their first season’s production meeting, complete a shadow date, and notify CNY Stream management that they want to join this group of staffers.

Membership Process

After applying to join CNY Stream, every new staff member is required to attend at least one shadow broadcast to observe and learn the CNY Stream broadcast process. Additionally, all shadow broadcasters must attend their first season’s production meeting. Once completed, new staff members are automatically elevated to the role of fill-in broadcaster, who have the opportunity to sign up for available broadcast positions at the beginning of each athletic season. Fill-in broadcasters must meet with the Director of Development three times with three different commentary tapes (two must be from CNY Stream broadcasts) before becoming eligible for a full-time broadcaster position. The Director of Development will decide who is ready to assume the role of full-time broadcaster based on skill, attitude, work-ethic, and commitment.

Broadcast Absence Policy

All staff members have the ability to create their own schedules before every season and are therefore solely responsible for broadcasting and producing all of their broadcasts. Outside of 72 hours before the start of a broadcast, staff members can search for a fill-in (must be a CNY Stream cleared fill-in or full-time broadcaster) to take his/her place if absolutely necessary, but overuse of this practice is grounds for removal from a full-time broadcasting position. Inside of 72 hours before the start of a broadcast, substitution is not permitted (outside of verifiable emergencies) and staff members must attend their designated broadcast. Violation of this policy may result in loss of full-time broadcasting privileges or, for repeat offenders, removal from CNY Stream altogether.


Gameday Procedure

Before Your Broadcast

  • Make sure the school you’re going to, home or away, knows that you’re coming and has made necessary arrangements (provided a power outlet, table, booth space, internet, etc) for your broadcast.

  • Create charts and stat sheets to ensure that your on-air commentary is as insightful and detailed as possible. Use for rosters and for stats / other info. Some schools don’t post their rosters on ScheduleGalaxy, so make sure you reach out to athletic offices if need be. DO NOT USE MAXPREPS for rosters, stats, or any other information!

  • Coordinate with your broadcast team to make sure you all know what time you’re planning on leaving, who’s providing transportation, and where you’re planning on meeting up.

During Your Broadcast

  • Arrive at your broadcast location at least 90 minutes before the scheduled start of your game.

  • Be sure to maintain a respectful attitude towards everyone you interact with while working your broadcast. Remember, you’re representing both CNY Stream and Syracuse University!

  • Don’t forget to plug-in the correct stream information from Admin page depending on the team you are covering. If you’re covering a game between two CNY Stream affiliates, open a second Shoutcast tab within LadioCast and stream to both channels.

  • Remember to set your input in both LadioCast (Mac) / Rocket Broadcaster (PC) and Quicktime to USB Audio Codec to make sure you broadcast and record from your headsets and not your computer’s internal microphone.

  • If the location you are broadcasting from doesn’t have reliable internet, use your phone’s hotspot to stream to the CNY Stream audio servers. In most instances, your phone’s LTE connection should be strong enough to support audio-only livestreams.

  • If you have any technical issues during your broadcast, be sure to contact Tate Sigworth, who is on-call to help with any problems you may face.

After Your Broadcast

  • Make sure to pack up all of the equipment you brought with you. Double and triple check to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything before leaving.

  • Send the recording of your broadcast to within 48 hours of your broadcast using This ensures that your broadcast get saved on the CNY Stream archive.